Autism, Cures, and the Right to Exist

This reads almost like an autobiography.
From the lovely A.M.R.

Autie Angel

When I first found out I was on the spectrum I was elated. I had finally found the answer to explain why I was different; why I had so much trouble relating to my peers and understanding how I fit amongst them.  I believed for so long that I was stupid, because I take longer to find my words. I thought I was a talentless worthless nothing because my peers, teachers, and even my very own Mother taught me I was to blame for my difference. I learned from a young age that my sensory avoidance was actually just my, “being a brat,” I was, “spoiled,” I was to blame for all that ailed me. I did not have the words then that I do now, sensory aversion, sensory processing disorder, hyperacusis, neurodivergence, high visual intelligence, selective mutism, and many more terms that very clearly label and define my difference…

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Celebrity Veterinarian compares Autistic and Bipolar to Pigs.

wtf vet

Celebrity Veterinarian Dr. Evan Antin has likened us to pigs.


I most certainly have nothing against Sus scrofa domesticus (piggies!), but I and many others note the verbiage in Antin’s post to be highly inappropriate, stigmatizing and dehumanizing.

Myself and others openly lamented on his post — featured both on Facebook and Instagram — until he edited out the offending portion! 🙂

This is appreciated, and good enough for some…

But I have requested a very public apology [shown further below but please first read on], in hopes of un-doing some of the damage.

Autistics are a misunderstood, yet wonderful people, sadly quite often stigmatized, ignored, dehumanized, abused and even killed, due to not only a vast current lack of public understanding, but people casually spreading intolerance as if it’s the hip thing to do.

Quite a double-whammy for a people already so misunderstood!
Hell, a quick search on Reddit will easily show, Autistic is the new R-word in many unrefined circles.

I have not yet sent found the words to write him a personal letter,  but did comment again, on his more recent yet unrelated post– to increase visibility.
Thus far, my followup has gathered 93 comments from allies, trolls, fellow Autistics, and myself!

As of yesterday morning, I’ve taken a break, in wait of a response.

The formerly-offending Facebook post is Here

You can see the vile original version by viewing its edit history.

Here is a screenshot for convenience ❤
  edit hist
 I did not get a screenshot of the initial state of the Instagram post, and Instagram doesn’t have an edit-history feature, but the thoughtful replies are still there.
[Myself, I was lost for words and simply told him to F off, LOL..  No spoons!]

Thanks to Aspergirl Inside ❤ for pointing me to it (fb post here, insta here.)

Here is a direct link to my followup request,  as seen below:

In closing,  to any of you whom may be scratching their head still, I’ll leave you with this glorious comment, written by esteemed Autistic self-advocate Maqqi Mucoi Amolngatti Âû:


Thank You for reading ❤

Please, stand up for #AutismAcceptance. Confront bullying language whether intentional or not.

We are different, not less… Furthermore we’re frickin’ Âûsome!